The 4G Mega Internet Kit Offer from Trade Show Internet

When it comes to the temporary internet offers from Trade Show Internet, there are a number of options that clients have. For the clients who are in big cities and towns, they can choose the 4G Kit as well as the Mega 4G Kit for their event internet needs. There is also the option of the satellite internet services for the companies that are located in far flung areas where the WiFi is not available. All in all, there are many options that a company can have for their internet bandwidth for conferences.

The 4G Mega internet kit is suitable for companies that want to organize for events and they have many attendees who need high speed-internet. One of the features of the 4G Mega Internet Kit is that it can be connected to up to 100 WiFi devices during an event. The fact that your WiFi network will be bonded to 10 4G LTE connections means that you will get a robust network that will support all your temporary internet needs.  You see, you will have the connection boosted by the connections from Verizon, T-Mobile as well as AT&T. if you order conference wifi early enough, you can enjoy a discount from the Trade Show Internet Company. Our 4G Mega Internet Kit is available from     $3,500, exclusive of the $250 for shipping & handling purposes.