Questions to Ask a Coupler Dealer

It always helps to be a smart shopper. This is true no matter what you are buying. Do you find that you require a directional coupler? If this is the case, you need to be certain that you buy the right brand. The dealer that you do your shopping at will also be of great importance. There are certainly many websites that sell couplers. So which one should get your business? You can determine this by asking them a few questions. Here is what you should ask them.

1. Do you give a bulk discount on your couplers?

You might have a need for a large quantity of directional couplers. If so, you would be wise to seek out a dealer that is willing to give you a bulk discount. Dealers will sometimes do this if a customer will agree to buy a certain number of a specific item. You might need to hunt around a while to find a dealer that will offer you a bulk discount on directional coupler. However, the time you invest will be worth it because the savings can be quite significant.

2. How long do these couplers generally last?

You should find out if the couplers you are interested in are going to be a worthwhile investment. Some couplers will last much longer than others. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to have the dealers tell you the life expectancy of each coupler they sell. This will allow you to make a more educated decision when you finally choose the coupler you are going to buy.

3. Does the manufacturer offer any sort of warranty on the couplers they make?

Get all of the warranty info before you buy anything. Obviously, it would be much better to buy a coupler that is covered by a warranty. However, not all manufacturers will include a warranty with their couplers. This is why you need to ask the dealer to find out. The shipping fee should also be inquired about. Find out how the website calculates all of their shipping fees to make sure you don’t pay too much.

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