How to Save Money on Healthcare

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always the cheapest activity to undertake. In fact, when you take into account memberships, supplements, procedures, etc., it all adds up quickly.

For those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle without emptying their bank account each month, here are some great ideas.

Look for an Alternative Insurance Provider

If you have been with your provider for a number of years, call them and ask which discounts they can provide or which offers they have available for long-term members.

If there are no offers or you are too new of a member, look around. Your insurance policy isn’t a contract, so don’t be afraid to call around. If you find one insurer with a particularly appealing deal, pass the details on to your current provider to see if they can match or beat it.


There are so many discounts for health-related items in the marketplace; you just need to know where to look.

  • Discount sites like the Groupon Coupons page for 1800contacts offers deep discounts on eyewear.
  • Email newsletters provide a treasure trove of discounts and vouchers.
  • Rewards and loyalty cards are great ways to accumulate points and receive exclusive membership discounts.

Ongoing Costs

Do you know what the difference between genuine vitamins and supplements that come from a store and ones which originate from an online retailer? One includes the cost of running a physical store, along with the profits needed to be made, and the other is able to provide you with cheap vitamins and supplements because these costs don’t exist.

If you take vitamins or supplements monthly, consider switching to an online retailer to save serious cash.

Find an Open Gym

If you were to be realistic, there isn’t much that you do at the gym which you can’t do at home or in public workout spaces in parks, etc. Instead of paying a high monthly gym membership, look for local areas where you can exercise and use equipment for free.

If you miss the social aspect of a gym, connect with like-minded fitness enthusiasts through social media and join a local fitness group.

Keeping fit and staying healthy doesn’t have to cost the world, you just need to be concious.

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