Digital Advertising: Making Industries More Competitive

Advertising has come a long way, and in the 21st century, there have been various platforms on how businesses can advertise their products to the public. One of the most popular ways to advertise would be the use of billboards or flyers. It reaches more people, and it generates an additional profit for companies who have invested in advertising in it. With the introduction of newer technology, billboards and flyers usage are declining at a fast rate. These types of advertising are slowly being replaced by digital advertising, which includes the use of digital screens, social media, and smartphone applications to promote a product.

Digital screens are a recent phenomenon, and in Times Square, New York City, one could notice how the billboards of several companies slowly morphed into digital signage as time goes by. Not a single billboard remains in the liveliest part of New York City, and advertisements have adapted to the current trends that the world has to offer. Companies are saying that using digital screens for advertising is far cheaper than hosting their ads on a billboard. They can also be more creative in producing their ad because digital screens allow them to move. Business owners who wanted to showcase their products are spending more to give their ads more recall, making it stuck inside the public’s mind.

According to experts, the digital advertising industry in the United States has grown to more than $20 billion, and it is projected to generate more income by 2020, at $22 billion. The rise of digital advertising has also changed the demand for the people involved in the production of the ad – digital graphic artists, and video producing experts are becoming more in demand because of the rise of digital advertising. Companies producing LCD screens are also benefiting from these changes because the demand for their products surges. It is believed that there are now more than 200 companies around the world offering the services, and more are trying to come over to the industry to test their luck.

The largest sources of income for digital advertising came from the United States, generating billions of dollars back in 2017 for income. It is projected to spill over to other continents, like Asia and Europe, and experts are saying that the digital advertising industry will be the primary method of advertising. They claimed that the interactive approach of digital advertising has an impact on the public, and the people’s taste in ads has already changed. The public is not contented in seeing the ad on the screen – they wanted an immersive experience, which is why interactive ads are leaving more impact. Another advantage of the rising interest in digital advertising would be the protection of more trees and other raw materials that have been targets of excessive marketing and advertising campaigns in the past. Fewer traditional advertising would mean more papers, plastics, and other materials saved.

Digital advertising is just starting to show its power to the world, and it will further innovate in the coming years.

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