Try a Better Way to Operate and Maintain Your Business Copiers

Business printing costs can rack up when you have copiers that have consistent problems or leave you paying premium prices for toner and supplies. You can start a pay-per-copy contract deal that includes all the supplies and repairs for a minimal charge. You’ll never worry about your ability to get the printing done that is necessary to keep your business running smoothly.

Manage Your Printing Costs

The printing costs for some companies can eat up a surprising amount of money. Solutions in containing these costs are something every manager and owner looks to find. Using cheaper equipment ends up costing more money in replacements and breakdowns. It can also directly impact the quality of printing. A pay-per-copy contract allows you to affordably use top-quality copiers.

Never Worry About Your Printing Supplies

A pay-per-copy contract provides all of your printing supplies like toner and ensures you have it handy before it runs low. Everything you need to begin running quality prints is provided at a reasonable per-copy price. It relieves you of the worry of forgetting to order necessary supplies.

Printer Repair and Replacement

Having a printer go down at critical times can leave your company in a bind. You can enjoy the included copier repair service Washington DC businesses depend on with a pay-per-page contract. All of the printer equipment is kept in good repair or replaced when needed.

Pay-Per-Copy-Contract Pricing

The best part of a pay-per-copy contract is that you are locked into a great price and are invoiced only for the copies you make. Everything is else is included in the contracted service. It puts full control of your printing costs back in your hands. You can keep your printing costs in line with your available budget.

Find out more about the benefits of a pay-per-copy contract today. Reduce your printing costs without compromising quality or quantity.…

Four Ways Your Physical and Mental Health Could Benefit from a Professional Massage

There’s a big difference between a masseuse and a massage therapist, and professional massages are often performed by the latter. If you have found your physical or mental health to be suffering lately, you might reap the health benefits of a professional massage.

Sure, massages feel great and are big-time tension relievers, but they are far more beneficial to both the mind and body than most people know. So, take this article to heart as it covers a few ways a professional massage could improve your overall health—both mentally and physically.

Spot-Relieve Tension and Reduce Overall Stress to Promote the Effects of Long-Term Relaxation

Everyone holds stress differently. While you might hold your stress in knots alongside your spine, your friend might hold their stress in the muscles of their shoulders and neck. There are even some people that hold their biggest stress knots at the bottoms of their feet and in their calf muscles.

Massage therapists can provide long-term relaxation with spot-relief for tension that takes up a specific area of your body.

Bolster an Increase in Circulation and Movement of Stiff Limbs

Kneading your muscles in the right way is a perfect solution to stiff limbs and an increase in circulation. When your muscles are warmed up and looser, your blood is able to flow freer, allowing you to draw in more oxygen and feel healthier.

Relieve Pain from Physical Ailments, such as Arthritis, Sports Injuries, and Fibromyalgia

Professional massages are excellent for physical ailments that are usually long-term and cause consistent pain, such as arthritis or past damage from sports injuries. Each appointment is spot-specific with a focus on your ailment, which can lead to betterment of your condition over time.

Fact: Most accountants add in professional massage therapy sessions as essentials to the financial planning for professional athletes.

Send Your Mind to a Zen Place to Reduce the Effects of Depression and Anxiety

One of the biggest problems to ail adults is depression, while anxiety is a close second. Professional massages help you relax by placing your mind in a zen state when endorphins are released through your system because your body feels better. Regular massages can help you cope with depression and anxiety by clearing your mind and giving you less to worry over.…

Getting The Dryers You Need

If you are a business owner in Florida and you need dryers in your facility, there are a few different ways in which you can get great dryers.

Visit Local Laundry Establishements

The first thing you can do is visit laundry establishments in the area. You can talk to the owner of the establishment and find out where he/she purchased the dryers in the facility. Some laundromat establishments even have dryers for sale. It would be good to visit at least 10 different laundromats because they would have all purchased their dryers from a different establishment.

Search For Dryer Companies Online

The next thing you can do is search for dryer companies online. You can do this by using a top search engine, but you should only consider companies that have great reviews and great ratings. The company should also be known for servicing well-known establishments in the area. A good example of this type of company is Commercial Laundries. They are known for having the top-rated commercial dryers Florida offers. One of the best things about this company is that they deliver and install all dryers. Additionally, all of their dryers come with great insurance, and their customer service department is available every day and all hours of the day in case something goes wrong with a dryer. Moreover, this company works with all of their customers when it comes to payments. Though they have an overall price, they will allow customers to make payment plans that are comfortable with their income.

Having good dryers make people feel comfortable while at an establishment. Furthermore, having good dryers will make your establishment well-known in the area. You should explore all of your options before settling on a specific set of dryers.…

The RESTful API Stress Test

The business of the client can get a method of testing API Stress by analyzing its performance under any involving traffic instance. This test is typically done to see if under the said situations there a need for will not be configuring complicated tools located in other load tests. It should be known that the load tests are a very intricate part in getting an understanding of how the website of the company, as well as applications, perform. It is also a point to note that it is not a requirement to download or configure the JMeter or the Locust.

The tests involving how to test RESTful API include checking the performance level of the individual API. The analysis thus does not include the infrastructure of the database server nor that of the application server. This aspect ensures the load test is only concentrated on one issue. This aspect entails the communication interface purpose of fulfilling data exchange requests or successful queues between various applications in the case multiple interactions are stacked up. The next step involves the Stress Test Scope. The performance in this scenario is tested when the individual makes or runs a single request instead of multiple or continuous requests. This test is however not recommended when involving the API test. The reason is that this type of analysis only shows how an individual call will operate for a given duration. API test, however, concentrates on the API as well as infrastructure when multiple requests are made. The ideology of the stress test is to produce a vast number of HTTP calls at one instance; thus, observe whether the REST command continues to operate efficiently.

The RESTful API Stress Test

Another stage is the Automation aspect. This involves using a development team to use a single or specific page call that makes a REST request for the RESTful API test. This will save the time as well as the energy of the client as the whole process is automated and run. This is done instead of using many systems to generate the vast number of HTTP calls. The development tea can achieve this automation strategy by using automation applications such as Selenium. Other apps include Google Chrome plug-in RESTful Stress to perform the same cause. Another method involves sending from multiple systems. This is because performing the test on a single device won’t output the required HTTP calls needed to stress the API as far as possible. A better option is to run the Stress Test on multiple computer devices at the same period. This action will output the required number of HTTP requests.

Another strategy is the aspect of bringing everything together and testing them in development. The team developing the program could decide to establish a significant load tester. This is achievable by incorporating many computer devices that are running a browser recording software causing heavy traffic in the system. This test will show the client whether the API can handle the vast number of requests. In conclusion, there are various methods of performing a Stress test. It is upon the client to know which way is preferable. This is measured regarding the time and energy as well as the resources required.


Main Street Rejuvenation

Big box stores, indoor malls, and the internet with its ability to allow us a way to shop from home has turned our American Main Street into a relic from the past. Many people today are working to bring back the sense of community that is missing without this special area of their town. Reviving Main Street is possible if the government, businesses, and passionate citizens all work together.

Bring the People Back

Towns such as Siloam Springs, Arkansas have brought people back into their downtown area by starting small. One couple opened a café in one of the old buildings and rented the upstairs out as apartments. This kept Main Street vibrant around the clock. Soon businesses moved into the area in search of the resident’s patronage. They opened clothing boutiques, hair salons, and flower shops. The result was an active business district that people wanted to visit once again.

Preserve Your Town’s History

The great thing about Main Street in any older town is the sense of history found among its buildings. You can revitalize many structures without destroying the character of the buildings. Many can be repurposed for new uses while others can remain an influential part of the community as is. For example, traditionl Catholic Church architecture can be preserved through renovation by companies such as O’Brien & Keane. This keeps the original look of Main Street, but it also creates a new use for the area.

Make People Want to Stroll Along Your Streets

You want to make Main Street a fun place to visit. Something everyone will want to be a part of. This could include encouraging local musicians to play along the street or having street fairs. Park benches make Main Street feel more like a city park, and you want to bring in flowers to be a part of a pleasantly landscaped space. Don’t forget to organize parades and other functions that will draw even more attention to your downtown area.

Bringing life back to your town’s Main Street will help preserve the area’s history, encourage economic growth, and provide a whole new place for residents to gather together and make new memories. It isn’t as hard as you think if you get everyone to help.…