5 Financial Development of Technology in 2019

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Financial technology or better known as Fintech is a new innovation in the financial world that allows users to access services and products. With Fintech, transactions can be done more easily and comfortably for users and providers of services and goods. You can even sell Bitcoin instantly on this page and make money properly.  Although still relatively new, Fintech continues to grow rapidly in recent years. In 2019, the development of Fintech will increasingly make the business, financial and investment world even more innovative. Starting from the world of banking to the use of various electronic devices will be affected by financial technology. Then, how about the development of fintech in 2019 going forward? Here are 5 fintech developments in 2017 that we should look forward to.

  1. Finance will be automated

Many financial experts predict that in the world of banking and finance, all will be automated and do not need conventional banks. According to research conducted by Citigroup, banking automation will replace 30% of banking manual work in the next 10 years. This is also supported by the increasing number of fintech startups that provide financial services.

  1. Changing shopping patterns

With Fintech in 2017, the shopping pattern of the community will change from traditional offline to online. Not just shopping, but interest rates will also change and use online currencies like bitcoin.

  1. Biometric features for transaction security

By using biometric data such as your fingerprints, eyes and even your voice, Fintech will be safer in 2017. More and more electronic equipment such as smartphones, tablets and computers that use biometric features as a security for fintech transactions and can be ascertained in 2017 biometric recognition will be available in all equipment used

Financial Development Technology including Cryptocurrencies are taking off the world

  1. Applications for more investment

In 2017, investments can be made only by opening the smartphone and the applications provided. No longer need to deal with brokers, users can directly choose which investment suits what they want only through electronic equipment. Investments can be done anywhere and the movement of investments can be seen through the applications on the user’s smartphone.

  1. Everyone will have access to financial services

With the existence of fintech and growing public understanding, in 2017 all the people will have access to financial products and services that were previously unreachable. Fintech, which is more accessible and free of requirements that make it difficult for users, is different from conventional financial products. Every community can access fintech and finally use financial products and services easily.

In this day, bitcoin becomes more established and growing popular, even subway and KFC are accepting bitcoin payment. Bitcoin can be use in many online retailers and service providers such as overstock, OKCupid and a lot of online store. Since cryptocurrencies are increasing in value, make sure that you sell them at the right time and get profit properly.

With the convenience and comfort and security of Fintech, the development of financial products in 2017 will be more easily enjoyed by all. Are you ready to face changes by using fintech?

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